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Ray Davis, PE, PTOE

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Vision Statement

I am celebrating 40 years of active involvement in ITE. The return on my investment has exceeded my expectations every step of the way, for the public and for me, professionally and personally. I’m a better professional because of ITE and by being a better professional has made my career advancement possible.

Now I want to make sure that you have the same opportunities to grow that I did, tailored to meet your needs. I want to Make ITE Work for YOU.

We all have competing activities that make it a challenge to be active in ITE. We need to increase opportunities to participate, access information, and remove barriers to involvement. We need to make sure that ITE publications, conferences, and training are relevant to dealing with today’s issues and are provided in a cost effective manner.

My vision for Making ITE Work for You is as follows:

Leveraging Technology and Social Media: ITE needs to fully embrace online and cloud-based platforms, social media and mobile technology. A more technology connected ITE will be better able to deliver on its mission and serve its members.

Leadership ITE: We must continue forward in order to provide a pipeline of strong future leaders for ITE and our profession.

Expansion of Electronic Library: Expansion of our electronic library will enable transportation professionals throughout the world to have access to the best and most relevant information to address the issues with which they are dealing.

Develop a Strong ITE Brand: ITE needs to clearly define its niche among transportation organizations. A Strong and consistent brand image needs to be developed and marketed to a well-defined target market of current and prospective members.

Define our Global Role: We need to identify how we can best engage and support transportation professionals globally, especially in China and India. This can be a significant source of membership and revenue growth for the Institute. We can also learn from many of our international members.

Implementing this vision will allow you to become a better professional, and that will enhance our profession as a whole.