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Ray Davis, PE, PTOE

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Ray’s Publications and Presentations to ITE

Ray believes in sharing his professional experiences with others so that they can learn from his successes as well as his failures.

"Microcomputer Applications in Transportation Engineering Operations", ITE Computer Application, Group, Volume 5, No. 3, October 1982

"Growing Pains or Growing Calmer? Lessons Learned from a Pilot Traffic Calming", ITE International Conference "Harmonizing Transportation &Community Goals", March 1998

"Bancroft Avenue: A Success in Reclaiming a Collector Street for the Neighborhood", 1TE 69th Annual Meeting, August 1999

"Breaking Down ITS Institutional Barriers - A Model for Success", ITE  Annual Meeting, August 1999

"Pedestrian Signals- Have we failed miserably?", ITE District 6 Annual Meeting, June 2000

"Alternate New Wireless Technology for Traffic Signals", ITE District 6 Annual Meeting, June 2000

"Metricom's Ricochet Network: Alternative New Wireless Technology for Traffic Signals"
, ITE Annual Meeting, August 2000

"Reducing Public Agency Exposure to Tort Liability"
, ITE Technical Conference, April 2008.

“Ten Ways for More Effective Communication with Elected Public Agency Officials”
, ITE Technical Conference, April, 2009

“Design Immunity Considerations for Public Agencies”, ITE Annual Conference, August, 2009.

“Improving Consultant and Public Agency Relationships in Challenging Times”
, ITE Annual Conference, August, 2009